The Snow Isn’t Done Yet, So Settle In ❄️

The spring equinox has long passed, but those of us in Colorado know that means the snow is far from over! My home in Conifer just got a fresh 6 inches of snow this week. We have to find ways to enjoy the indoors a bit longer, and be patient for the warm, dry days of summer. 

If you’re crafty, and need an indoor activity to unwind or pass the time, 7 of my original art pieces are available for purchase to create gorgeous needlepoints.  

The Art Needlepoint Company offers the full stitch kits, and they have a great variety of my artwork, so you can pick any of my painting styles that speak to you!  The kits are a great way to add color and texture to your home! 

Here is the link to my art pieces available on their site, check them out!! 

Cassie Bauer Needlepoint

If you purchase and create a piece, please share the results with me on Instagramfacebook, or email, I would love to see my art become your art! 

Love and Positive Vibes,